Gigi's Journal - March 18, 2011

Sixteen weeks and four days and we have names!

Baby A is now known as Coeur d'Lane. There is a town in Idaho named after an Indian tribe called Coeur d'Alene. It's French for "heart
of an awl". Baby A's name is a homage to Rose Wilder Lane,
journalist and one of the founding mothers of the America Libertarian movement. Hence, the spelling - Coeur d'Lane. Now, simply defined, it means - "heart of a narrow way". Coeur d'Lane weighs 5 oz, is 4.5 inches long and her heart beat is 154 today.

Baby B is now known as Emerson. Named after philosopher, poet and champion of individualism, Ralph
Waldo Emerson. Emerson simply translated m
eans Emery's son. The root meaning is home strength, bravery, vigor, power, work of God. Emerson weighs 3 oz, is 4.5 inches long and her heart beat is 162.

Baby C is now known as Lennon. Named after English muscian and member of the most successful songwriting partnerships of the twentieth century. The meani
ng of the name is Dear One. Lennon weigh
s 5 ounces, is 4.5 inches long and her heart beat is 154.

Due to Emerson's weight being a little behind her sister's, Dr. Tabb wants to see B next week.


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