Gigi's Journal - July 29, 2011

It's 4:15 AM and we just got back from the hospital. Zoe is snuggled up between Ray and I. Ray is already sleeping, loudly :-) I have to post a couple of pics of the girls before I go to sleep. For you birth junkies and detail-loving folks, I will post the birth story later today. Meanwhile, enjoy these pics (CdL on Left and Lennon on Right)! Goodnight! Gigi


  1. They're beautiful!!! I can't wait for the details, LOL. Enjoy your sleep and as many snuggles as you can get.

  2. I'm a birth junkie...and proud of it! lol

    Hope you slept well. :)

  3. Gorgeous girls! And why not be a birth junkie when you can have such a beautiful experience with Fruitful Vine?

  4. Oh my goodness! They are so amazing and beautiful!!

  5. Birth junkies, raise your hands up high! ::raises both hands::


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