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Gigi's Journal - February 29, 2012

15 days until The Girls and their parents come to visit Gigi and Papa!  It's been too long.  We have been blessed to have Oliver hanging out with us for the last week though.  What a wonderful time we are having!

Here are some of the latest pics and videos.  Enjoy!

Gigi's Journal - February 16, 2012

Well, Lennon finally got the memo that it's time for teeth to come in!  Coeur second tooth broke through and Lennon's first tooth broke through today!  I can't wait to see those Girls!

It's been 66 days since Ray and I have seen them.  I can't express how hard it is not to see them every day or at least once a week.  Now with Oliver in NY, it seems exponentially harder.  The Girls and their parents are coming to visit mid-March.  I wait patiently <sigh>.

Gigi's Journal - February 13, 2012

Two weeks ago my daughter sent a text to my daughter-in-law.  It was an advertisement for a special Valentine's Day surprise from Jaxson De Ville (the Jax Jaguar's mascot).  Immediately, my DIL called and said "we have to do this for Rebecca!".  So, we started emailing "Jaxson" to make arrangements for the embarrassing, yet totally awesome, event.

We thought long and hard about where the embarrass/awesome event would occur.  Thought about Fruitful Vine but what if a mom was in labor, that would not be a good idea.  There was only one other place to do this.  One place where I knew we could get her to come.  One place where there would be a crowd.  One place where others would totally appreciate it.  Church.  Sunday February 12 between 10:15 and 11:00.

With any good secret, you don't tell everyone you are going to do this.  The less people who know, the less likely the beans would be spilled.  I didn't even tell Papa!  So, until the day before there …

Gigi's Journal - February 11, 2012

Been too long since I've posted.  Lots to catch up on so pics will have to do!  Enjoy.

This cute video of Lennon saying Da-Da was taken on 2/9/12.

On February 1, 2012 Coeur's first tooth broke through!  Here she is eating a "cookie".