Gigi's Journal - April 4, 2011

We arrive at the hospital at 7:25 AM. When we get there Brooke finds out there was a miscommunication and she was scheduled for the MRI at 7:00!
They take her back for the ultrasound first. This wouldn't be so bad except she has to be fasting for three hours before the MRI.

During the ultrasound, they measure the babies. Chris said the sonographer mentioned that they were the most well behaved triplets she has ever scanned and that they should be proud!

Emerson is still 4 ounces, while Coeur d'Lane is 10 ounces and Lennon is 8 ounces. Emerson's fluid level is lower at .6 today but they can still visualize her bladder, which is good. Also, Lennon's fluid level is normal.

While we wait for Brooke and Chris to come back we enjoy IPods and IPads. Shanghai is a hit!

Brooke and Chris make it back and we wait some more.

Finally, they take Brooke back for the MRI. That takes about 3 hours. It takes a long time since the babies are moving a lot.

The sonographer lets us all in the room for the echos. It's good to see the babies again. The ultrasound is quite lengthy and comprehensive. After the echo, we grabbed Brooke something to eat and rush up to the Fetal Care Center (FCC) to meet with the doctors.

They are very nice at the FCC. They put us in a comfy room while we wait for the meeting to begin.

We are all invited into the meeting, Brooke, Chris, and both sets of parents. There are four nurses, one fetal surgeon - Dr. Lim and one MFM - Dr. Habli. They go through the ultrasounds, the MRI and the echo.

At this point, the best they can determine, it is not TTTS. This doesn't mean we can relax as TTTS can happen anytime in the pregnancy. They have confirmed that Emerson has severe IUGR - intrauterine growth restriction. She is in the 2.9% for growth. She's tiny, but so far, all her other findings are normal.

All we can do us have hope and trust that the One who put her there will keep her healthy and whole. Meanwhile, they want Brooke to come back in one week.


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