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30 Things continued: Describe when you knew your spouse was the one

Or How I Fell In Love:

I remember the exact moment.  I remember walking home from the bus stop and Ray was in front of our house on crutches.  He asked me where my brother Steve was.  My answer was simple, how  do I know?  I was just walking home from the bus stop!!!  That was in May 1973.  My feelings for Ray evolved over that summer when he joined our family on a trip to Alabama/Florida.  Mind you, I was the only one with any feelings!  To him, I was just his best friend's little sister.

It was five more years before he even saw me as anything but Steve's little sister.  We have been together for 37 plus years now.

Number 14 of 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me

This is for you, Dad.  Thanks for the encouragement :)

Describe 5 strengths and weakness I have.

Great topic to start back on.  Yeah, right.  This is a hard one.  Deep breath and here we go:
In no particular order:

Strength:  I'm faithful and committed.  I am there through thick and thin.  The good and bad.

Weakness:  I have a hard time saying no.   At times it makes for a busy life but I'm not sure it would be as fulfilling otherwise :)

Strength:  I have a gift for helping others.  I can make anyone open up.  I listen to others well and when they need counsel I feel like the answers come easy to me.

Weakness:  I start a lot of things and finish fe

Strength:  I am a Renaissance woman.  I have many accomplishments in life.  I believe I've inherited that from my Renaissance father :)

Weakness:  I don't have anyone to confide in.  Not because there isn't anyone but more because I don't want to burden anyone.

Strength:  I have a gift of discernment that allows me to…