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March 6, 2014 - She Was A Good Girl

Today our family lost a friend.   Let me tell you about our friend.  We fell in love with her before we ever met her.  Mostly because of her brother, Kai.  What a sweet natured boy.  But it wasn't the love that first drew me to her but the fact that she needed someone to rescue her and show her the love of family.

Cassie was born to two champion chocolate labradors in 2002.  She was a Christmas gift to the breeder's daughter.  When a patient and good friend told me she was trying to find a home for this unnamed 9 month old lab, I immediately responded that we would take her.  In her short nine months she was crated and rarely, if ever, let out of her crate.  She was covered in feces and urine all the time.  She weighed 35 pounds and her ribs were showing.  Our friend, Heather, made a plan to rescue our girl.  It was on a Sunday morning and she was due any day with her first baby.  She knocked on the owners door and there was no answer.  She walked in and woke her up, told her s…