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Gigi's Journal - September 30, 2011

It's been a crazy busy week.  I was finally able to get away with my mom to go to the beach for our annual Birthday Beach Blast.  Sounds real exciting but we just get a hotel room for a night or two and hang out at the pool.  This year Mike, Colleen, Oliver, Jeff and my nephew Stephen joined in the festivities.   At dinner time Ray, Luke, Rebecca, Josh and Stephanie joined to make a near perfect dinner.  Only thing that would have made it perfect were if four others were there!

Well, Oliver was such a big boy!  When we first went to the pool he was pretty clingy.  We put on the water wings to help give him a bit of confidence and after a while it worked.  Here is a video clip of Oliver discovering his ability to move through the water on his own!

Gigi's Journal - September 25, 2011

Yogurt overdose :-)

Gigi's Journal - September 17, 2011

So last night Oliver and I went on a "date".  We went to see Elmo and his Super Hero friends.  Oliver sat quietly through the entire 1.5 hour program.  There were children running around and crying but he was content to sit and watch all the characters dance and sing.

Gigi's Journal - September 10, 2011

This visit will conclude with lunch at the Indian restaurant.  It won't be long before Gigi gets to visit again. In the meantime, a certain 2 year old (who insists he's 3 now) and I have a date next weekend to see Elmo! Here are some pics from this week's visit of the girls.

Gigi's Journal - September 6, 2011


Gigi's Journal - September 4, 2011


Gigi's Journal - September 3, 2011


Gigi's Journal - September 2, 2011