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30 Things: What Is The Thing You Most Wish You Were Great At?

Forgetting.  I'm good at forgiving but forgetting the hurt is hard for me.  I care too much.

30 Things: What Are My Five Greatest Accomplishments

Simply put:
My marriage and my four children.

How about this:

1.  My marriage and family

2.  Fruitful Vine - born in my heart, FV became a reality at a time when there were no options in our community.  I felt like a pioneer dealing with all the obstacles that were in the way.  I persevered and continue to develop options for the birth community.  Excited for the next step!

3.  Conquering fears and low self esteem.  Became a pilot, thanks to a dear friend.  The confidence it gave me was life changing.  I know he knew that when he took me on as his first student.  I occasionally miss those days of taking off on CAVU days in the early morning when the world is just waking up.

4.  Becoming and being Gigi.  I am striving to be the Gigi that creates wonderful memories for her grandchildren.  The one who cuts their sandwiches with cookie cutters and leaves drawings and sweet notes on their snack bags for school.  The Gigi that has "projects" for the 5 year old while waiting for hi…