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Gigi's Journal - December 29, 2011


Gigi's Journal - December 25, 2011

Christmas this year was different.   Part of the family lives in Kentucky, part lives in New York,  part lives in Maryland and part lives in Ocala.   We made the best of it, though.

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas in Kentucky.   That was so nice.  We were able to bring home presents for the ones who couldn't make it to Kentucky.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we went to Ocala to celebrate Christmas.  Many but not all of us gathered together to eat, watch football and open presents.  We brought home presents for those who couldn't make it to Ocala.

This morning, Rebecca, Luke and Kati came to our house and opened presents.  After opening presents Jeff and Kati went to her grandmother's house to celebrate and open presents.  Luke and Rebecca stayed for Christmas Breakfast.  They left to go to Luke's family Christmas gathering.

Next weekend we will celebrate Christmas once more when all of our children will come together to open the miscellaneous presents.  We will have …

Gigi's Journal - December 20, 2011

A day of reflection as I celebrate 31 years of being Michael's mother.

Michael was due on December 20, 1980.  On December 19, Ray and I went to the church Christmas dinner.  It was very cold that night and we didn't have heat at our house.  Our dear friends, Garry and Nancy Haralambou invited us to stay at their house.  So we stayed in their oldest daughter's bedroom - warm and snug.

At 3:30 AM, I woke up with regular contractions.  I let Ray sleep and woke Nancy up.  She and I stayed up timing contractions.  Around 10:00 that morning we headed to Birthpointe where my midwife Bobbie Johnson met us.  My brother and his girlfriend took Christopher to the park and entertained him that morning.  I remember many things from that labor but one thing that I won't forget is being stuck at 7 cm for a while.  At one point I asked Bobbie to give me 10 minutes without contractions or else I wanted to go home.  It's rather funny now to think about today but 31 years ago I was …

Gigi's Journal - December 18, 2011

Today was bittersweet as Ray and I drove home.  One hour out and Ray & I were saying how much we missed them already (sigh).  It's been two weeks since I've held, kissed, hug or hung out with Oliver.  Two weeks!  In all of his life, this is the longest I've been without him.  My heart hurts.  I want to hold him.

Gigi's Journal - December 17, 2011

A quick trip to Kentucky to take The Girls to see Santa and deliver our gifts.  We got here on Friday afternoon and are leaving in the morning.  A short, but exceptionally sweet, visit.  Let the pics tell the story.

Gigi's Journal - December 10, 2011

The Girls had a visit with the Pediatrician yesterday.  Coeur d'Lane weighs 12#4 and is 23" long.  Lennon is catching up at 11#11 and 22 1/2" long.

They will be seeing Santa next weekend :-D

Gigi's Journal - December 4, 2011


Gigi's Journal - December 3, 2011

Today was a whirlwind day of tourism!  I drove past Central Park, Broadway Radio City Music Hall, The site of the World Trade buildings, The Freedom Towers, went to 30 Rock and went to the top of the building's observatory and rode the Staten Island Ferry.  Here are some pics of today's adventure.  Tomorrow will be bittersweet.