Gigi's Journal - March 30, 2011

Eighteen weeks and two days! Tia (Rebecca) and I drove up for this appointment. This is the first time that Tia has seen the girls. Today's ultrasound is the fetal anatomy scan and follow up on Emerson. All the babies are formed perfect in every way!

Coeur d'Lane weighs 8 ounces and Lennon weighs 7 ounces. Both their measurements are great, including their amniotic fluid levels.

Emerson weighs 4 ounces and her fluid level is low at 1.63. Dr. Tabb is concerned about something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Basically, it would mean that the twins (Emerson and Lennon) who share a placenta would have vessels that are also shared. Thereby giving one twin too much blood, fluid and nutrients (recipient) and the other would get too little blood, fluid and nutrients (donor). It's very concerning if the babies have this condition and, up until 1986, 80% to 90% of twins who had TTTS died.

There is another condition where the placenta isn't equally shared. One twin gets plenty but not too much and the other gets only a small portion of the placenta. Neither problem is good. We pray for the babies, we want them to stay strong and grow big!

There is a specialist in Cincinnati that Dr. Tabb wants Brooke to see. He will call and let us know when the appointment will be. It should be within the next several days. Now we wait.


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