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Gigi's Journal - January 25, 2012

Today was one of those days that ranks pretty high on the scale of amazing places visited.  Ray, Michael, Oliver and I went to Ellis Island.  A little background first.

When I was 13, I started researching my family's genealogy.  I started with my Mother's family and then went on to my Father's family.  In the last 15 years I started researching my husband's family history.  I have researched about 20 families that I am not related to.  I have found a distant cousin's long lost grandfather, I have found skeletons in closets, war heroes and poor farmers who centuries ago could not even fathom that someone (me) would have access to records that they saw, signed or put their 'x' on.

One of my challenges has been finding my husband's father's family.  He was fortunate to know his grandfather, Raymond "Smitty" Carl Schmidt.  We have photos of Smitty's father and mother, knew their names but had little information on where they came from an…

Gigi's Journal - January 22, 2012

Made it to NY in time for the first real snow of the season.  5 inches of dry snow, a sled and a 2 year old - what more could you ask for?  Playing in the snow, however, is a mixed pleasure.

I grew up in Maryland.  We got our share of snow each winter.  Not too much but just enough for the children to sit by the radio on school days and wait for their county to be listed as "school closed".  Or to wake up in the morning when it snowed through the night and get a glimpse of the front yard and street covered in a blanket of white, untouched and covering everything that wasn't moving fast enough.  Or to stand outside when the snow was falling hard and fast, listening to a silence that is hard to express.  No cars, no birds, no sound of the snow hitting it's target - nothing.  Silence.  What wasn't silent were the sounds of children begging mothers and fathers to let them go out and play in the snow.

As a child all you cared about was getting out in the snow and de…

Gigi's Journal - January 16, 2012

Gigi's Journal - January 13, 2012

Today was another very special day in our families lives!  Three years ago today, we found out that Peanut, a.k.a. Oliver, would be joining our family.  No one could have prepared me for what that would mean.  I have heard friends who had grandchildren try to explain just how wonderful it is and how much love they had for their children's children.  I would just smile and think "one day".  

Now, today, I am one of those who tries to explain that love to others less fortunate or perhaps just not at that phase in life.  It's like being pregnant with your second baby and wondering "how can I love this child (inutero) as much as I love the one I have".  You just do!  It's exponential.  Love multiplies when a child (grandchild) is added to the family.  Same thing when The Girls came into our lives.  

Speaking of The Girls went to the Pediatrician and here are their latest stats:
Coeur d'Lane weighs 14 pounds 7 ounces and is 25 1/4" long.  Lennon is …

Gigi's Journal - January 7, 2012

One year ago today our family received some of the most amazing news!  It was on this day, last year, that we learned Brooke was carrying triplets.  Though the news was overwhelming and hard to palate, we were ecstatic.  Little did we know,  just a few months later, how much more pressed we would become.

Today I am grateful for the gifts our family was given in the form of three little girls.  While I'm sad that we won't know Emerson Earth-side, I am blessed to hold, hug, kiss and love on the two who stayed with us.

Gigi's Journal - January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!  Been a busy week with family in town celebrating our fourth Christmas but everyone has gone to their own homes now.  Here are some pics of the visits.