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Generations later ...

This weekend something pretty amazing happened but before I share let me preface with a few thoughts.  As with most thoughts, they are the opinion and expression of the one who is feeling them.   Those around may not share the same opinion or thoughts, not because they are wrong, necessarily, but because they view their experiences from a different lens. 
My husband has tried desperately to find his place in his extended family.  As a small child, the formative years, he developed strong bonds with the elders of his tribe.  However, for a season he was removed from those people and missed  critical connection with his family.  As a young adult, he was reintroduced, but he missed so much in the separation.  This last few days have been nothing short of miraculous.  It started out with visiting his “brother” Jimmy, Leigh-Ann, John, cousins Mary and Kevin.  If that were the end of the journey, it would have been wonderful but it was just the beginning.
As many of you know, I am a Geneal…