Gigi's Journal - March 6, 2013

30 Things - Day 11

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1.  On the top of my list, number one pet peeve:  when people make one word out of the words "a lot". That's right, number one - alot.  See the red squiggle line underneath the non-word, alot?  Yes?  That's because it's not aword.  Get it?  aword? alot?  alittle?  So, next time you write a story and want to use those words, remember they are words not word.  Thank you.

2.  I almost hate to say this one out loud.  Okay, here it goes, beard trimmings left in the bathroom sink. There, I said it!

3.  This is hard.  I'm usually the author of pet peeves not the recipient of them.  I could list 20 or more that I am responsible for.  I seriously need help with this but fear I will open a can of worms if Ray reads this.  So, we shall say I have one, maybe two, pet peeves and leave it at that.


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