Gigi's Journal - March 2, 2013

30 Things My Children and Grandchildren should Know about Me.

Day 7 - What is your dream job and why?

First, I honestly think I have the dream job.  Helping women and families through the amazing journey of parenthood.  So, what would be that alternate dream job?

Well, I've had lots of dream jobs.  Let me sound this out and narrow it down.

I used to think owning a pug farm would be awesome.  We would have a hundred pugs and play with them all day.  Saying things like, "Do you wanna <fill in the blank>???"  We'd watch them tilt their heads in anticipation of whatever it was we asked.  Pugs frolicking through green, flowery fields and snorting in delight.  And then four pugs came to live with us while their "parents" got settled in their new homes.  I love those pugs but they squashed my idea of that dream job.

How about activity director at a retirement community?  My first job was a volunteer at a nursing home.  Played cards and board games with the elderly, listened to their stories and brought them snacks.  My grandmother used to help out with the elderly.  It could work.  And then I got to thinking, yikes, it won't be long until I'll be elderly.  Can the elderly help the elderly???

The obviously choice for those who know me would be professional genealogist.  I have been doing genealogy since I was 13 years old.  My family tree has almost 12,000 people in it.  I'm running out of family to add!  So, I have expanded and have researched a few other families.  It's honestly as much fun to research those as it is to research mine own!  Ever wanted to know if there were skeletons in your family closet?  Have your heard stories about Uncle Jim and his bizarre behavior and wanted the facts? How about the stories you heard about your great great grandfather being an American Indian?  Is it true???  Contact me and I will have it figured out in no time.  Please???


  1. You should research Quincy's Great Uncle Quinn, after whom he was named! There is definitely an interesting story there!

  2. I'd love help with my family tree I've hit dead ends! I can't afford to keep getting and the free ones are so limited! Yes, my great-grandmother is suppose to be part Indian but can't verify it! My great uncle helped build the Alaskan highway. I'm just so sorry I waited so long to start doing any research, now most of my "older" family are all gone. It can get frustrating to say the least! Help me! lol

  3. Yes! Feel free to investigate my family tree. I am so curious to know more, but have no idea how to find out.

  4. I would love to know who my father is? Any help with that? Lol jk

    I may need your help tracing hubby's family back to president Polk.


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