Gigi's Journal - March 1, 2013

Day 6 of 30 Things I Want my Children and Grandchildren to Know About Me

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

I first have to say that this question was not worded correctly.  Any of us has the ability to wish or hope for anything we want.   I believe the author of the list meant to say - If you could have three wishes granted ...  So, I will answer the question as if I found a genie in a bottle and he granted me three wishes.  I bet you're wishing I didn't go into all of this detail about the question!

Wish #1 - Anyone who knows me knows this has to be at the top of the list!  I wish my family (children, grandchildren, parents and siblings) lived on a mountaintop in Tennessee.  A self-sufficient family commune.  Far enough from each other to enjoy alone time but close enough to be there in a flash.

Wish #2 - I wish I could give wish #3 to someone who would wish for something more valuable for mankind.  Not the stereotypical "Peace on Earth", "lots of money" or "more wishes".  I know hardly anyone reads this blog but if I gave you wish #3 what would you wish for?


  1. I would wish for a similar wish to your #1 wish. Just not on a mountaintop. Here in Jacksonville. Lots of extended family close by that I don't want in the commune :).

  2. If I were being selfish, I'd wish to be near your commune; however, if my wish has to be used for mankind, I would wish for understanding/empathy, so that all people had the ability to really "see" other people. I imagine it would solve a lot of problems.

  3. I would wish that all of mankind would be able to see themselves in others, so that everyone could truly love their neighbor as themselves.


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