Bridge of the Headless Horseman

Bridge of the Headless Horseman

Gigi's Journal - March 4, 2013

Day Nine of 30 Things

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1.  My Mother - She has instilled in me my love for family.  The sacrifices she made for us when we were growing up had a profound affect on me.  

2.  My Father - He's hands down one of the most intelligent and incredibly fun people I've ever known.  I learned how to have fun and enjoy life from him.

3.  My Grandmother Meadows - She exuded a love for God and Family without having to say one word.  She walked out her faith by giving her self to others, without complaint.

4.  My Grandmother Gallagher - I could always count on her for comfort and consistency.  Her home was always welcoming.  The dolls, the bears, the food.  

5.  Dr. Rob Helmer - my employer and my friend.  He was like a big brother to me.  His influence in my life was perhaps the most profound of any in my adult life.  He help me learned self confidence.  I was timid, unsure and last self esteem.  He taught me that I could fly an airplane.  I went on to become a pilot because of him.

6.  Ray Schmidt - who chose to love me more than life itself and by doing so showed me unconditional love.  

7.  Christopher Schmidt - my first born influenced me to be the best mom that a 19 year old could be.  Who was born hilarious and taught me to laugh at life.

8.  Michael Schmidt - influenced me to become a midwife.  His birth changed me forever.

9.  Rebecca Schmidt - I believe we have a mutual influence on each other when it comes to music.   I have influenced her and she has broadened my musical influences.

10.  Jeffrey Schmidt - influences me to be kindhearted.  He has the biggest heart and truly cares for others.  I've watched him mature in the last couple of years and my heart in full.

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  1. This process is inspiring...this was beautiful.