Gigi's Journal - The Locket

Two years ago this Sunday, my good friend Hope gave me this locket.  Hope is one of those people who puts so much thought into a gift and she knows me well.  This locket has become our locket of Hope - haha!

On the outside of the locket are the words, "What's in your heart?".  One can then add birth stones of friends or family, you know, whoever is in your heart.

Hope included my parents' birthstones, Ray and my birthstones, our oldest son and his wife's birthstones, our second son and his wife's birthstones, our daughter and youngest son's birthstones.  At the time Colleen was very close to giving birth to our first grandson.  So, not knowing whether he would be born in August or September, Hope put a peridot AND a sapphire in the locket.   Thinking that when he was born I could take out the one that wasn't needed.  He was born in September and therefore I took out the peridot.

In November 2009, I had a conversation with Chris.  Jokingly, I suggested that if Brooke got pregnant in November then she would have an August due date :-).  It probably wasn't so funny to him as they had been trying for years to get pregnant and for someone to suggest they simply pick a month wasn't that funny.

I left the peridot out of the locket.  Fast forward to earlier this year when Brooke got pregnant and had a due date in August!  I put the peridot back in the locket.  While Oliver nor the girls were born in August is fine with me.  It represented a hope in a future.  Besides, July's birthstone is Ruby and adds to the color in "my heart".

Just pondering here but - who will use the peridot???


  1. :-D It wouldn't surprise me if the peridot will one day find its place in the heart again.

  2. I think I'm just going to leave it in there!!!

  3. i noticed you wearing it when I saw you. Now I know it's story. :)


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