Gigi's Journal - August 2, 2011

This pic of Coeur just about sums up our day.  While it was a very busy day there was some good news!  First, we took Coeur to the lab to have her blood drawn.  Her test results for jaundice are dropping!  So, we can stop using the billi-blanket.  While Chris and I took her to get her labs, Brooke went to spend time with Lennon.  Lennon is up to 3#7 and was able to nurse well today.  If she keeps this up she'll be home in no time.

Chris and I went to spend time with Lennon while Brooke fed Coeur.  After that we took Coeur out for a dining experience at Third Street Cafe.   Not a peep out of her - slept thru the whole thing.

Tomorrow is another busy day doing the same thing as today.  We'll probably skip eating out and get everyone back home.


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