Gigi's Journal - August 4, 2011

Another busy day.  Pediatrician appointment at 10AM, Lactation Consultant appointment at 1:30, visit Lennon in between.  Stop at Baby's R Us to get clothes to fit Coeur d'Lane and home.  Got home at 5:00!  Virtual birthday party for Jeff at 7:00.

Got some good news about both girls.  Coeur d'Lane does not have to get blood work for jaundice drawn again.  The results from last night's blood draw were low enough to discontinue monitoring.  Lennon gained 2 more ounces and now weighs 3 pounds 9 ounces.  She continues to improve.  She saw a speech therapist today who was able to get her to take 10 cc's of milk at one time!  Big accomplishment!  She needs to be able to take all 30 - 40 cc's by mouth before she can come home.  Prayers appreciated!

Here are some pics from today's outing.  Enjoy.

Coeur d'Lane at her first pediatrician visit.  Getting the weigh in.  4 pounds 5 ounces!

Dr. Larsen.  He is very nice and very supportive of breast feeding.  

Waiting to see the Lacation Consultant, Melissa.  She is obviously supportive of breast feeding and gave Brooke some great suggestions and helpful hints.  She was so encouraging.

Coeur d'Lane's adorable foot.   Who doesn't like baby feet???

Today is my youngest son's 19th birthday.  Sadly, I wasn't able to be there in person for his birthday party but thanks to technology - me, Chris, Brooke, Coeur d'Lane, Kristy and Adrienne were able to be there via Google+.  

Tomorrow should be less hectic.  "should be"  


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