Gigi's Journal - August 8, 2011

It won't be long until Lennon joins her sister at home.  They have added another bottle feeding!  We went to the hospital this afternoon.  Brooke has been able to nurse Lennon about three times but today was different.  Lennon was able to stay latched on for a good while and was getting milk!  Coeur d'Lane continues to feed and grow well at home.  Brooke and Chris are getting into a good rythym which will help tremendously when Lennon comes home.

Enjoy these pics from today!

Brooke's mom - Mamaw Stivers and Coeur d'Lane

Coeur d'Lane and those sweet lips!

Lennon - always bright-eyed!

Brooke and her sweet Lennon.

Lennon, speaking with her hands.


  1. Lennon is too sweet with those eyes! And so very thankful to hear how well she is doing in the feeding department. :)

  2. Oh, and I love the milk dripping off the corner of her mouth. :)


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