Gigi's Journal - August 1, 2011

Today was bittersweet.  Coeur d'Lane and Brooke were both discharged but Lennon has to stay in "Feed & Grow" for a bit longer.  It's going to be a tough bit while Lennon is at the hospital and the reality of caring 24/7 for a newborn at home.  If I know one thing - Chris and Brooke can do this!

Picture is of Coeur d'Lane in her going home outfit.  It's the same dress her mother wore when she came home from the hospital.

Meanwhile, I miss #1 Grandson terribly, well and the rest of the family too!  Maybe we can video chat tomorrow night.


  1. A bittersweet day to be sure but one day closer to Lennon being home too! <3 the dress of course!

  2. My mom gave me a bag of my baby clothes and I have something in there SUPER similar to this!

    So excited they're doing so great overall! Glorious!


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