Gigi's Journal - August 3, 2011

It was a long day.  Chris and Coeur d'Lane found time to catch a nap.  Coeur d'Lane had another blood draw to check her billirubin levels.  Prayerfully they are continuing to trend down.

 Went to visit Lennon.  Coeur d'Lane is not able to go in with us.  So, I usually stay in a nice lounge that is set up for families with babies in NICU or Intermediate Care while Mommy and Daddy visit.  No worries though, Gigi gets to visit after they do.

Lennon has the biggest, brightest eyes.  Hoping she will be home soon.  There was a little bump in the road tonight but not a setback.  The results of Lennon's head ultrasound showed a small bleed.  Very common for babies born premature with such a low weight.  The doctor is not concerned at all and will not even need to repeat the ultrasound.

Brooke is such a wonderful mother.  Shown here giving Lennon explicit instruction to hurry up and start eating on her own so she can come home and be with Coeur d'Lane and Mommy and Daddy.


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