Gigi's Journal - February 28, 2013

Day Five of 30 Things my Children and Grandchildren should know about Me.

What are the five things that make you most happy right now?

1.  My relationship with Ray.  Hard to imagine life without him though for the last few weeks I have been experiencing that.  He's been working out of town.  Definitely appreciate all the things he does when he's home.  Which reminds me, I forgot to take out the trash on Tuesday.  Blast!

2.  My relationship with our children.  Each of them is unique and perfect in their own way.  Gifted and talented, loving and kind.  The investment that Ray and I made/make in their lives has paid off exponentially.  More valuable than gold, silver or precious gems.

3.  The relationship with our grandchildren.  Oliver's multiple daily phone calls are the highlight of my day.  Hearing his voice, "Gigi???   You hear me, Gigi???"  Or the Girls learning to talk to Gigi and Papa on the phone - getting so big.  Fisher turns one next week and soon he will be saying Gigi!  I love being a Gigi and it was worth all the pain, fatigue, sacrifice and joy of parenthood.  Next week all our grandchildren will be together in one place and we will get to be with them.

4.  I am happy when I hear my Mom and Dad's voice.   When I get time to sit and talk to them.

5.  Surfing the internet and looking through census records, birth and death records, cemeteries - anything genealogy.

I'm going to add two things that make you most frustrated now:
1.  Beau - the male chocolate lab
2.  Cassie - the female chocolate lab
Stay tuned - their may be a Cassie Cam come early summer.  <sigh>


  1. Trent and I just started with's a tad overwhelming :)


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