Gigi's Journal - December 25, 2011

Coeur sporting her Dad's Jaguar hat on Christmas Eve.
 Christmas this year was different.   Part of the family lives in Kentucky, part lives in New York,  part lives in Maryland and part lives in Ocala.   We made the best of it, though.

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas in Kentucky.   That was so nice.  We were able to bring home presents for the ones who couldn't make it to Kentucky.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we went to Ocala to celebrate Christmas.  Many but not all of us gathered together to eat, watch football and open presents.  We brought home presents for those who couldn't make it to Ocala.

This morning, Rebecca, Luke and Kati came to our house and opened presents.  After opening presents Jeff and Kati went to her grandmother's house to celebrate and open presents.  Luke and Rebecca stayed for Christmas Breakfast.  They left to go to Luke's family Christmas gathering.

Next weekend we will celebrate Christmas once more when all of our children will come together to open the miscellaneous presents.  We will have our Christmas dinner in the evening.
This stocking (about 1") has been on every tree since I was a girl.

Care to have a little pie with that cream?

Lennon on Christmas!


Aunt Sharon holding the newest member of the family, Tommy Jr.


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