Gigi's Journal - December 2, 2011

Oliver and Santa!
Oliver walking in the train.
The last couple of days I have been creating memories with Oliver.  He's only two and may not remember these few days but I will.  The photographs will provide Oliver with the memory that these things, in fact,  did happen.  On Wednesday November 30, Oliver and I boarded an Amtrak train out of Jacksonville and headed north to Penn Station in NYC.  We watched Christmas movies and reminisced of Oliver's visit with Santa just one day earlier.

It took a little over 18 hours and considering it was just Gigi and two year old Oliver, was uneventful.  Well, I take that back we left a Duplo Fireman figure inside part of the train only a two year old could think to access.

We arrived on time and went up to baggage claim.  Mike and Colleen found us easily as we were listening to a choir of women serenading the station with Christmas carols.  It was sweet to watch Oliver as he first recognized his Daddy walking toward him.  I wish I thought to capture that smile.  Priceless.

The city skyline from the rooftop
of their apartment.

The view from their rooftop is breathtaking.  You can see the city skyline which is particularly awesome.  As in many things in life - the photographs do not do it justice.

We walked several blocks this morning to a stereo-typical bagel shop in Brooklyn.  It was like the stores you see in the movies.  Bustling with business yet friendly and familiar.  The food was good and the coffee better!

While walking back to apartment we came across a city playground.  It is huge!  An entire section catering to infants, a section for 2 to 5 year olds and a section for older children.  An area to play kick ball and write with chalk on the sidewalk and children galore!  Many were with their nanny's but the majority appeared to be with dads and moms.  It is amazing how clean and well equipped this park is.  Needless to say, Oliver had a blast!
Apartment in Brooklyn

The downside of this apartment living are the steps.  No kidding.  Three flights to get to their apartment.  We are downing the Ibuprofen and complaining like old ladies around here but I can imagine after a while one would have legs of steel!  I bought them a cart after thinking how the heck do you tote groceries up these stairs!

I've also had some amazing food while I have been here.  Delivered to the door, too!  I'm not sure if there is an extra charge or not but glad that someone else had to walk up those steps to bring me food :-)  We are ordering lunch now from a vegan cafe.  Yum!

Will post more tomorrow after I visit Central Park, 30 Rock, etc.

Up on a rooftop ...

This is what I woke up to :-)

Oliver playing at the park.

One of the many apartment buildings in Brooklyn.


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