Gigi's Journal - December 17, 2011

Chris and his girls!
Behind the scenes with Santa.
Big girl, Lennon!

Lennon quite pleased with her gift from Tia and LP.

Coeur reading the label :-)
A quick trip to Kentucky to take The Girls to see Santa and deliver our gifts.  We got here on Friday afternoon and are leaving in the morning.  A short, but exceptionally sweet, visit.  Let the pics tell the story.
Coeur opening up her gift from Tia and LP.

Coeur got overalls from Gigi and Papa.

Lennon got overalls too!

Something to hold their iTouch :-)

Coeur is getting so big!

Flying Coeur!

Lennon on the left showing Coeur something.

Papa and The Girls!

Santa and The Girls!

The boys and The Girls!

The Girls and The Girls!

Abstract Tree.


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