Number 14 of 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me

This is for you, Dad.  Thanks for the encouragement :)

Describe 5 strengths and weakness I have.

Great topic to start back on.  Yeah, right.  This is a hard one.  Deep breath and here we go:
In no particular order:

Strength:  I'm faithful and committed.  I am there through thick and thin.  The good and bad.

Weakness:  I have a hard time saying no.   At times it makes for a busy life but I'm not sure it would be as fulfilling otherwise :)

Strength:  I have a gift for helping others.  I can make anyone open up.  I listen to others well and when they need counsel I feel like the answers come easy to me.

Weakness:  I start a lot of things and finish fe

Strength:  I am a Renaissance woman.  I have many accomplishments in life.  I believe I've inherited that from my Renaissance father :)

Weakness:  I don't have anyone to confide in.  Not because there isn't anyone but more because I don't want to burden anyone.

Strength:  I have a gift of discernment that allows me to get a feeling of someone's sincerity when I first meet them.  Rarely, if ever, have I been wrong.  

Weakness:   I put off important things to do fun things.  

Strength:  I can solve mysteries and am addicted to genealogy probably because it's the ultimate in mystery solving :)

Weakness:  I have a weakness for the underdog, the misfits, the lost ones, the strays, the ones who are always left out.  I have a house full of pets who fall into that category.  At one time, we had a house full of stray children who needed a place to fit in.  This is my favorite weakness.  This is the weakness that makes me feel like I have a purpose.  The weakness for others.  I find great joy in helping the "least of these" even the fur or feathered ones.


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