Gigi's Journal - January 22, 2012

Made it to NY in time for the first real snow of the season.  5 inches of dry snow, a sled and a 2 year old - what more could you ask for?  Playing in the snow, however, is a mixed pleasure.

I grew up in Maryland.  We got our share of snow each winter.  Not too much but just enough for the children to sit by the radio on school days and wait for their county to be listed as "school closed".  Or to wake up in the morning when it snowed through the night and get a glimpse of the front yard and street covered in a blanket of white, untouched and covering everything that wasn't moving fast enough.  Or to stand outside when the snow was falling hard and fast, listening to a silence that is hard to express.  No cars, no birds, no sound of the snow hitting it's target - nothing.  Silence.  What wasn't silent were the sounds of children begging mothers and fathers to let them go out and play in the snow.

As a child all you cared about was getting out in the snow and depending on whether it was "wet" or "dry" would determine what activity you would partake in.  For those who don't know snow, dry snow is not good for snowball fights and snowmen.  There were drawbacks of getting outside in the snow as a child.  You would play and play not giving much thought to the fact that maybe your socks or gloves got wet.   And when they got wet, in freezing temperatures, you were cold.  You didn't realize it until your mom called you inside.  We would sit by the furnace and cry while your hands and feet "thawed" out.  It's truly the most miserable part of outdoor winter activity.  Oliver experienced that for the first time yesterday.

We were out in the snow and now freezing rain.  Oliver was having the time of his life.  His gloves, unfortunately, didn't stay on.  We'd put them on, he'd take them off.  We'd put them on, he'd take them off. Etc.  When we left to walk home, he began to realize just how much his hands hurt.  He cried all the way home.  It wasn't until he got inside and started warming up, that he stopped crying.  I felt so bad for him.  I remember all too well that pain.  On a good note, Oliver is a quick learner.  While out sledding today he kept the gloves on his hands the entire time :)

22 degrees and 1,050 feet up in the air - no problem!  It was breathtaking and C-O-L-D!   The Empire State Building is majestic.  Art Deco = awesome!  What a spectacular view.  


Ollie and Papa!

This bird was hanging around on the ledge of the overhang.  What a brave bird :-D

Mike and Oliver

Sledding solo!

"This looks simple."

Make that, "this looks dangerous"!

Staying away from the cold.

On top of the Empire State Bldg

What a spectacular view.  Even if Mike did get scolded by the attendant for hanging out of the fence :)
I hope you enjoyed the pics!


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