30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me - #18

What do you think your spouse loves most about you?

That is the question.  I'll write my answer first and then ask him ;)

I think Ray loves the fact that I am the glue in our family.  That's right, glue.  It's ridiculously important to me that we stay close as we all grow in separate directions.  You know, children grow up, get married, have their own families but that shouldn't separate us.  No, that should make us closer.  I have a big heart for family and am drawn to include those who are lacking in family to be a part of ours.  When I do that, it's probably one of the biggest compliments to that person.  Not everyone is fit :)

As I'm waiting his response via text I have to say that I love that Ray has a tender heart.  As we've grown up together I've noticed his heart softened and his compassion for others grow.  His passion for living is contagious and draws me in.  (There is an exception: driving.  If you have poor driving skills he will not have kind words for you.) 

Ray's answer:  “Your loving and giving heart.  That’s a really hard question to answer.  Because to narrow it down to one thing is difficult.” 


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