Today was a wonderful celebration of some very special girls.  Today was Coeur d'Lane and Lennon's first birthday!  Hard to believe it's been a year since they were born.   At times it seems like yesterday and then it seems like it's been a life time ago.   I'm not sure if it's because I'm older, but time goes by so fast.  Is it the experiences that make "time fly"?  Not needing an answer, just pondering these moments.

There were about 50 people, mostly family, at the Girl's Birthday Party.  Four generations represented, many children new to the family along with the "regulars".  I don't know if the Stivers family feels this way but I feel so at home with their family.  They make us feel like we belong to the family.  I feel lucky to be apart of their lives.

Minnie Mouse Lookalikes!

The Stivers_Mayberry Clan
Happy Birthday!

Aunt Kristy made the cake.

Schmidt Family tree

Post cake face

So tomorrow starts another year.  One day at a time to cherish the gift of family.  One moment to express one more time how much we love each other.


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