Gigi's Journal - April 9, 2012

I'm looking through the blog from a year ago and can hardly believe how far we've come.  It's been sad, it's been happy, it's been emotional and while I wouldn't go back and repeat it - I'm grateful for the experiences.

Yesterday was Easter.  Most of the family gathered at my parent's home.  Missing was my younger brother and his family and our oldest son and his family.  It was a beautiful day!  Oliver was the only child and so the Easter Egg Hunt was amazing.  He had a blast collecting eggs in his basket.

Enjoy some pics from yesterday.
OT's Easter Basket

Oh who needs pants!  Looking for those eggs.

He found all 45 or so of them.

Coeur and Lennon

Lennon and Coeur d'Lane


  1. It has been some year! THose babies are precious! Enjoy every minute. I wish mine had a loving grammy!


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