Gigi's Journal - February 13, 2012

Two weeks ago my daughter sent a text to my daughter-in-law.  It was an advertisement for a special Valentine's Day surprise from Jaxson De Ville (the Jax Jaguar's mascot).  Immediately, my DIL called and said "we have to do this for Rebecca!".  So, we started emailing "Jaxson" to make arrangements for the embarrassing, yet totally awesome, event.

We thought long and hard about where the embarrass/awesome event would occur.  Thought about Fruitful Vine but what if a mom was in labor, that would not be a good idea.  There was only one other place to do this.  One place where I knew we could get her to come.  One place where there would be a crowd.  One place where others would totally appreciate it.  Church.  Sunday February 12 between 10:15 and 11:00.

With any good secret, you don't tell everyone you are going to do this.  The less people who know, the less likely the beans would be spilled.  I didn't even tell Papa!  So, until the day before there were only a handful of folks in on this little secret.

So, yesterday, at 10:00 AM, Rebecca P. met with Rebecca S. at church for a "meeting".  Thanks Rebecca P. for being a part and helping insure that she would be at church before Jaxson got there.

Jaxson arrived around 10:25 AM in his van.  It was vital now that Rebecca S. stay in the building.  Colleen helped Rebecca P. keep Rebecca S. in her place by discussing lunch plans at Alpha Dog.  She asked about every topping, what type of sodas they had and if they had indoor dining.  Meanwhile, Jaxson had put up the sunscreen and was preparing his special delivery for Rebecca S.

At 10:30 AM, as I was standing at the front door, I could hear Jonathan start playing the first song in the worship service.  I'm nervous now.  The church is packed, no one really knows what's getting ready to go down and there's a special guest from Haiti there today (which I don't find out until later).  Yay.

10:37 AM, Jaxson walks in to the foyer.  I greet him, he hands his camera to Harry (church member standing there) and asks him to take pics.  Meanwhile, my son Mike is videotaping, Papa is taking pics and I am also recording the memorable event.

Fortunately we sit in the back of the church, so there isn't far to walk.  We come up behind Rebecca S. and tap her on the shoulder and well, watch the video.

A Special Valentine

The video is edited.  What you don't see is Jaxson interrupting the church service for several minutes.  He went on stage, jumped over a knee wall to the drummer, played the piano, led a Jaguar cheer, photo op with the children in the front and finally left.  IT WAS AWESOME!

Not that Pastor Roger reads my blog but I want to thank him for going along with this.  I got the word he was laughing and it made me feel a little better about disrupting the church service.  Thank you, Roger!


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