Gigi's Journal - October 10, 2011

Pick the answer that best describes the picture to the left.  Accurate answers are assumed to be from parents of climbers.

1.  Mike and Oliver decided to take the IPad to the ER.  After all, he's two and it's something he hasn't done yet.

2.  Oliver begged his dad for a dinosaur and this was the best he could come up with at such a late hour.

3.  Oliver fell in an attempt to climb onto the bathroom sink, likely trying to find his gummy vitamins or to eat toothpaste or whatever 2 years old like to eat.  No one can be sure but what we can be sure of is gravity took over and he was found on the floor.   

If you selected 3 you are correct.  This mountain climber will be grounded until we know for sure if his elbow is fractured.  ER doc is pretty certain.  Orthopedic doc to decide on Thursday.


  1. Surely this is the "World Cutest Kid with a Broken Arm"


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