Gigi's Journal - May 11, 2011

Love is all you need. John Lennon

Twenty four weeks and two days.

Today's visit with Dr. T went very well. He took a look at the girl's hearts and they look perfect. He looked carefully for any signs of a problem from the surgery and there are none, thank God.

Coeur d'Lane weighs 1 pound 7 ounces and Lennon weighs 1 pound 2 ounces (Lennon finally slowed down enough for a lovely 3D picture!). They are about 12 inches long now. During this time cells in the lungs begin to develop something called surfactant which will help air sacs in the lungs hold oxygen when they are born. As a precaution, in the event of premature delivery, Dr. T is recommending steroids which help this process. Actually, he doesn't see any indication of preterm delivery and is hopeful that Brooke will carry them a couple of more months. She's doing so well that he wants to see her back in two weeks.

I am very proud of Brooke and Chris.
This has been a very stressful last two and half months but they have stayed strong and not waivered in their belief that these girls want to be here. Brooke is a great mother already, putting her life aside daily to give her girls what they need. And Chris is proving to be a wonderful father working his regular job and taking care and preparing the house for the girls.


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