Gigi's Journal - October 12, 2012

Our personal chef prepared cream cheese pancakes and bacon.  Yum!  While he was busy cooking, Papa went in the back of the cabin to try and get a picture of the cabin from that angle.  The grade is steep and he was watching his step so he didn't stumble.  At one point he looked up and saw a black bear!  He turned around and came into the house to announce that there was a bear visitor!  As you can imagine, we all filtered out the door to the front where the bear had followed Papa.  He was not afraid of us and seemed to be interested in begging for food.  His front left paw was injured, as he had a limp. Aunt B called the rental company and they said that a trap with food was put out two weeks ago in an attempt to capture and attend to his paw.  He wandered off after about 30 minutes but he was the talk of the rest of the vacation!

We got the group together and took off for Dollywood.  Voted by our group to be the best amusement park, we spent most of the day there.  Winning prizes, screaming on rides and getting dressed up in Civil War era regalia and getting our photo taken.

Morning serenade with Gigi and Uncle Jeff!
Kati and Lemon staying warm.

Our bear friend.

A good sized friend, at that!

On  the tram to Dollywood!

Gigi and Papa!

Aunt B made so many baskets and won a prize for everyone!

Aunt B, Oliver and Gigi in the Lemon Twist ride.
Aunt B was chosen to catch this vulture!

The Schmidt Children :-)

One of the many merchants at Dollywood.  

Gigi, Grandmom, Kati and Uncle Jeff on the Wonder Wheel!

Kati and Oliver "fishing" for a prize!

Oliver and Papa on the train!
On the way home, a couple of us went to WalMart to get some food to complete our dinner for the night - Tacos!  More music, more Farkle and more fun!


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